Friday, 27 June 2008

A big day for Rosie

Not a dry eye in the house as the P7s sang a very emotional (and very quiet) "leaving" song...well, actually there was, neither Rosie nor any of the boys shed a tear. Even the teacher was making use of a box of tissues in the classroom after the assembly. We had a slap up celebration lunch at the Woolen Mill, we can really push the boat out when needs be, you know. We received the news that Kirsten the manager there is willing to launch Toby into the world of High Finance and employment. For £4.20/hr for 1 and 1/2hr every other day he gets to keep the outside of the shop and car park looking tidy and neat. The good news is that the hours can be worked at any time during the day even after closing time so it is very flexible, the bad news is that he is busy spending money that he does not yet have.....
Running total. Toby and I did a very wet and progressively soggy run tonight whilst the girls did that Karate thing. I sploshed along in his wake for nearly 5 miles and then by dint of cheating (I gave him both dogs on their leads creating an initial advantage with the doggy drag factor but then Ginny scuppered him by going one way round a lamp post and Lucy the other) I made it first back to the car on a sprint finish. So after all that the total is 18.5miles...Yahoooo what a lot of miles!!!

Photo one for posterity
Janey, Jake, Morven, Donald, Megan, Lindsay, Joe, Rosie, Ewan, Dee

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