Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Serves me right I suppose for nagging Toby about revision. The image of a nice tall G and T that had sustained me on the way home from Tuesdays jogscotland was whisked away from me in favour of some physics revision for the next hour or so. He did allow me to shower but alcohol and physics just do not mix, well, not for me anyway. My head was whirling with capacitors and circuits and currents. Dreary day today...the ice on the track is sustained by the slow chilly puddles forming on its surface, my driving skills improve daily as I spin the way to the top of the hill. The main roads etc are fine and even the pavements in Inveraray are clearing and so jogscotland was on last night for the first time since 23rd November. It was good to see everyone and catch to wash the paintwork now...will the excitement never cease

Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Year Blog

A bit late admittedly, I am quite shocked when I look at the date. All quiet here now with the first day back at school fact over by now. Where did the day go? Oh yes I remember a first day free frenzy of washing, cooking tea with all the left overs, sorting socks and trying to tidy my room just a bit! How boring but it will soon be the weekend! We had a lovely noisy, busy Christmas and New Year with a full house....just the way I like it. So happy new year to you all.