Friday, 14 June 2013


So now we are finally on Facebook and so there will be lots of updates etc and hopefully you can get onto it via the link to the right. Please do 'LIKE' the page and comment, request information, post photos and generally stay in touch! In setting up the page I have been going over old photos and finding interesting bit and bobs and do you know what? We live in a pretty special place!

Life for the Corners is trundling on towards the summer holidays, Freya is off to Norway on Saturday. We have know about this for ages but the departure day  seems to have have suddenly pounced and so frantic packing, and for some reason cookie baking is going on. The weather has been sublime most of the time recently and so the poly tunnel is rapidly escaping from any kind of order. The dogs are full of high spirits with the better days and a Rosie who is free from exams to play with. Toby is home and working at the George thereby combining earning a crust with socialising...perfect!!