Tuesday, 17 November 2009

What to say??

Why does not doing the thing you know that you should have done ages ago make one not do it even more? I know I am not alone in this and am usually good with "to do" lists "to pack for holiday" lists, lists of lists etc but once something goes over that invisible guilt line then the chance has gone. Anyway, a very long winded way of saying that due to several unrelated circumstances I have not updated the "then" blog and so therefore have not written the "now" one either. So, here we are well into Autumn and the half term holidays have been and gone. We are gearing up for our "we worked hard in the summer" treat at Centre Parcs in Cumbria at the weekend which means mucking out the car and removing half the things that the children try to stuff into a half pint pot. October and November seem to have flashed by in a way the summer does not. This weekend was a high point as Garret, Toby and I attended the annual triathlon awards dinner on Friday where we watched the action from a table well out of the action when to my immense surprise I was announced female Runner of the Year...I am shamelessly proud having never received a nomination let alone an award before. The cherry on a very muddy cake was the Tin Farm 5 race at Ormsary on Sunday when Toby took third junior and 8th overall and I was second veteran Woman, great though this was the best bit was seeing several of the inveraray jogscotland runners competing and smiling their way over the finishing line. Fabulous running girls!!