Saturday, 27 August 2011

Asparagus Fest!!

At last there is starting to be a tiny sliver of gardening opportunity as the gap between jobs to do in the house and lack of energy begins to widen. So...filled with zeal and enthusiasm I remembered a chiding from last year at leaving teh asparagus fronds for too long in the poly tunnel...I have duly cut back and fed them to ecstatic pigs (Poppy not so sure) only to learn that this year I was too early.... The scenery is overlooking Crinan on a staggeringly lovely night when we ran the 7 miles from there to Tayvallich...This is taken after a 397ft climb from sea level in 0.9 mile. I found the whole run tough but manageable so Come on energy give the legs a boost!!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Speedy update!!

The blog is back up and running which means the schools must be back. Toby is now a 6th year with highers behind him and the BIG decision on how to earn enough money to keep him in well imagined luxury for the rest of his life...tough call!! Rosie has a big week ahead full of talks from teachers about the seriousness of this year and Freya....well, Freya is still enjoying the freedom of second year...for now!! An eventful time is now hopefully behind us all and I am back in full bloom again, I can appreciate from first hand experience what a jolly useful family and group of friends I have!! A nice treat this week was the wedding of our old German friend Thorsten (one of our very first guests 17 years ago...) and our new German friend Petra. We were incredibly honoured when they chose to get married in Inveraray and we were their was very intimate, just us and Rosie but very special and informal. A beautiful backdrop for the photos both on the Front green and in The George.
On the B and B front a lovely French family stayed last week and have changed my image of a humble little insect that might be encountered around and about occasionally in Scotland when I was asked what a "Mudge" was...had me puzzled I can tell you for a little while! A Lewis Carroll moment.
Tri Training is carrying on at a more gentle pace than usual but is nevertheless being far!!
The following is my first road cycle in a long time and went surprisingly well!