Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snowy Argyll.....

Finally the snow has arrived in Argyll much to the children's delight (and ours really!) and it all looks so very pretty! The above are from a walk out on Sunday round and about here. Poor Lucy gathered large amounts of snowy balls on her back legs which did not seem to hamper her too much when chasing snowballs thrown by the children. Lucy building her own snowball  The weather has hampered running plans so the treadmill came into its own on Sunday when I managed a 24.36 minute 5k but now feel as though my lower legs has turned to stone. Both running clubs are cancelled this week though so I may be back on it soon.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Boots and shoes

Still taking it easy re the back and so no boot camp...shame I missed the end of session weigh in....just a little run whilst the children did D of E and athletics club. Some soreness but not as much as before so hopefully I am going in the right direction. Good weekend with Harry Potter fest on Sunday at Braehead with the girls after some shopping for Christmas parties etc. Delighted me to buy Rosie's first proper heels..felt like a rite of passage as it is the first time she has entertained such an idea. She teetered around on them when we got home honouring the humble pizza with such glamour. Freya also got boots but not necessarily her first choice as maybe 4" heels might prove tricky when negotiating the forest track on the way to the bus. She likes hers too and has even worn them for the intended purpose of keeping her feet warm for school. An acceptable coat was also found so no more ripped ones of Toby's for her! hey ho...on with the day. Visiting Lewis today.

 LATER As you can see a stunning day for a ride in Argyll....shame the camera chose to focus on Lewis's ears rather than the hills but then again what handsome ears they are.

Friday, 19 November 2010

The dreaded axe of injury

was poised above my head this week as each excursion into running led to a tighter and tighter feeling at the back on my left thigh. Sprints at jogscotland last week in Lochgilphead were very sore and I hobbled my way round the Jingle Bells route to measure it on Friday. Resting over the weekend seemed to help but more sprints on Tuesday stirred it up again. Feeling a fraud or worse wondering if a hamstring was responsible I missed Wednesdays session and got an emergency appointment at the osteopath on Thursday with the girls in tow. Such relief to have a mere sprained muscle in the lower back which affected my leg as it got more and more tight. Considerably relieved of mind, body and pocket we left with exercises and reassurances bound for the best hot chocolates around and some shopping therapy. Obviously with my sore muscle I could not carry the supermarket stuff.....

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

If a Picture paints a thousand words....

Then none are necessary here!! A great night out at Rocky Horror at the Kings in Glasgow...no running, no cycling or swimming...not even much drinking just a lot of shouting, singing and dancing...GREAT!!

Monday, 8 November 2010

A quiet week........

For a supposedly quiet time of year the days are scurrying past very quickly and I am only just managing to catch hold of the tail end of the weekend. Celebrating our dear friends Howard and Mynas 45 years wedded on Wednesday was just lovely. To anyone who has eaten in The George and there are a few....it is a wonderful place to indulge in good food, nice drink and close friends....especially on a dark November night. I actually made some money last weeek too with several guests including the deerstalkers and a unique couple who are recently retired from running a hostel in the hills of Pakistan for new missionaries undertaking a crash course in Urdu. They were on their way to a church meeting on Islay and she was..rather cold when confonted by an early scottish winter! No real running after wedesday when I did a 4.5 run round as penance for not going to jogscotland, just a 2.68 run round with Liz to loosen up for the weekend followed by a swim. On Saturday night we set up a bonfire in the back field which the pigs minded not at all and Poppy,the goat kept her distance. The latter was not terribly keen on the first firework indicated by her ricochetting off the fence. We duly moved and completed the display elsewhere. After a frosty night we woke to find the pigs comfortably huddled on the warm, ashy remains of the fire. We had no time to admire or even photograph them as we took off for Ormsary with blue skies above and icy roads below. The Tin Farm 5 race is a road/off road/ beach/field muddy five mile run where you also have to ford a river in case your feet are too hot. Freya was alas too young and so we have her to thank for the photos. Toby and Garret definitly had their own agendas to follow and did really well with Toby coming 6th overall and 3rd Male jr. The male junior position is becoming more and more contested each year. Garret beat all his mates that he wanted to/expected to beat (and wasn't beaten by any girlies which is always a boost) and I paced Rosie along her first adult run to first junior female position. So more shiny trophies and a confidence boost all round!!

PS a shame that I have managed to put the bonfire night picture into the race ones but it will take me too long to reload them all....sorry!!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Just a norrmal tuesday!

A day of thunder, lightning, torrential rain...weak autumn sun and then hail...never a dull moment. The first day (for me) of the winter riding and I headed along to the stables to see Lewis who was happily munching away at his hay when I arrived. I spent a very pleasant time re-acquainting myself with procedures and re- discovering the delights of grooming despite itchy eyes and nose. I was a bit quiet on the sing song front but soon it will be time to go full on with Christmas carols. We had a wee amble round the ring remembering each other and our little ways and had a few trots too to remind my legs just what it is all about.
Back home and the first mince pies rolled out this afternoon (puff pastry ones not entirely successful!) then after homework for both girls, shuffling Toby around and about for work, welcoming Howard and Myrna back to our winter routine it was off to running club with Rosie and a good old work out!The map below does not seem to fully capture those skips, step ups, squats and boxing....but you can definitely see the laps round the oval! Full credit to all who turned out on a potentially lousy night, we were very lucky as we escaped with hardly a drop of rain falling and then the heavens opened on the way home.