Friday, 19 November 2010

The dreaded axe of injury

was poised above my head this week as each excursion into running led to a tighter and tighter feeling at the back on my left thigh. Sprints at jogscotland last week in Lochgilphead were very sore and I hobbled my way round the Jingle Bells route to measure it on Friday. Resting over the weekend seemed to help but more sprints on Tuesday stirred it up again. Feeling a fraud or worse wondering if a hamstring was responsible I missed Wednesdays session and got an emergency appointment at the osteopath on Thursday with the girls in tow. Such relief to have a mere sprained muscle in the lower back which affected my leg as it got more and more tight. Considerably relieved of mind, body and pocket we left with exercises and reassurances bound for the best hot chocolates around and some shopping therapy. Obviously with my sore muscle I could not carry the supermarket stuff.....

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