Thursday, 6 December 2007

How to get back into the saddle when one has fallen off the horse known as "Blog"

1.Spend at least a month delaying the moment of re mounting and hence make things even worse.
2. Prevaricate.
3. Spend many hours composing witty one or more liners for each days activities then forget them straight away.
5. Polish the saddle endlessly, get as far as putting the nummnah in place and then decide that there just isn't enough time today.
5. Grab the pommel (keyboard), mix your metaphors and take the plunge.

Too much water has flowed under the blogging bridge to fill you in (first a horse and then a bridge....what am I coming to? There has been Rosie's birthday, ditto Toby, holiday to Leeds and Essex and then a trip to Centre Parks in Cumbria. Last but not least a new Pup. Ginny has entered our lives much to Lucy's disgust. Tess takes her usual vague interest in all small creatures and acknowledges her when the doggy Alzheimer's button is not being pushed too hard. I will post a photo when we manage to remember to take a decent one. Well, thats all for now. Will try to keep more up to date.

PS. Official note of the start of the Old Mill restoration. The long awaited Cherry Picker (many hours spent trawling the Internet and e bay, Garret became positively dehydrated with drooling over many fiscally unattainable models)) was positioned carefully. Toby and Garret rose steadily and triumphantly to the level of the roof and removed the first of the tiles (before they fall!). Oh, one more thing before I sign off, after the activities mentioned in the last entries three of my toe nails went black and fell off...always like to end on a high point.