Friday, 30 September 2011

Sunday, 18 September 2011


A lovely last long cycle yesterday in the sun, rain, wind and spray kicked up by lorries and then at the end I fell off.....more about that in a moment. Unbelievably for the first time ever I cycled down into Inveraray past son and heir parking cars for the Best in the West festival in the driving rain and out onto the Damally road which is, well, as far as I went and after the first short sharp brutal hill and gift to ride on. Lovely smooth surface now after the pothole masacre of tyres last winter and rolling hills to test the legs only so far. The rain spatters on my sunglasses added to the challenge but cannot be blamed for my ultimate downfall...Having enjoyed the ride so to speak, and grateful for having survived the A83 I trundled into the layby and up the lane and did exactly what I have been frightened of since new planks were laid across the bridge  a couple of years ago. The front tyre slotted perfectly into the gap, feet wouldnt release fast enough from the clips and over I went. No permanent harm does especially as there were no witesses to see my huddled form on the grass trying to discover if anything had actually falled off...fallen off me, not the bike that is....Seven whole days to go until the big day so no need to feel sick just yet......Lovely article in the Advertiser this week so maybe I will pull in a wee bit more sponsor money.
Guests this week have had the privilege often granted to visitors to the West Coast of many different seasons in the one day wit some spectacular storms thrown in along the way....however today is gorgeous...a cool, tranquill September day just the way we like it.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Achnamara 10k

A really friendly local race this one but brutal!! 7k more or less straight up and then down with a few little ups for the remaining 3k...the reward at the end is very good cakes and sarnies though provided by the good folk of Achnamara...all in aid of the Community hall fund. The weather was as kind as it could be with hurricane Katia hovering in the wings. A short shower spattered us on the walk to the start line and then held off until the end. The wind was gusty and to be felt as the course swung around to the last 3k or so. A great run with good friends and I finally feel  am back in the swing of life with a time of 54:52 which all things considered I am quite happy with....and I came home to all the rooms done and tidy..thank you Freya and Toby!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

More tri-ing to train

The above shows the 12 mile cycle route for the triathlon and then the start of the run. Lizzie and I trundled off down to Lochgilphead on Friday to swim....although I say it myself I felt good in the pool this time just gliding along and turning well most times. Despite such a long way away from the pool my times were about the same which says a lot about my training on normal years!! Onto the bikes for the 12 mile cycle and I felt good, I love the road bike on a lovely smooth surface unfortunately this one was pitted and rough as anything so the old tail bone suffered. The energy slowly trickled away with the miles and left that old diggin' deep theme tune thudding away a couple of miles from home...Hallelujah...the car park. Dump the bike and run...well, hobble on legs that are stiff as boards and unresponsive to the pleadings from above to get on with it and run...ah well, it will be all right on the night...or day.

Thursday, 1 September 2011


 A little trip round Loch Glashan last night...the longest I have run in a wee while and boy did I feel it halfway round...tired legs and feet yes but a lowering of spirits too as this distance was well in my normal schedule a while ago...never mind I did it and finished smiling and with all toe mails still so three cheers!! Liz pulled me along and helped me stay sane....Lovely guests again this week, two German Doctors who were very quiet and polite and all helps!