Saturday, 3 September 2011

More tri-ing to train

The above shows the 12 mile cycle route for the triathlon and then the start of the run. Lizzie and I trundled off down to Lochgilphead on Friday to swim....although I say it myself I felt good in the pool this time just gliding along and turning well most times. Despite such a long way away from the pool my times were about the same which says a lot about my training on normal years!! Onto the bikes for the 12 mile cycle and I felt good, I love the road bike on a lovely smooth surface unfortunately this one was pitted and rough as anything so the old tail bone suffered. The energy slowly trickled away with the miles and left that old diggin' deep theme tune thudding away a couple of miles from home...Hallelujah...the car park. Dump the bike and run...well, hobble on legs that are stiff as boards and unresponsive to the pleadings from above to get on with it and run...ah well, it will be all right on the night...or day.

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