Tuesday, 15 February 2011

First skiing of the year

A rather late start on Sunday meant afternoon passes only at the Coe which was as usual existing in its own little micro climate of snow. The roads became wintry only a mile or so away from the resort and sliding appeared to be obligatory for the cars attempting to park at the top end of the car park. The visibility faded as the chair lift climbed and was pretty poor as we skied off the chair life, so Scottish skiing normal...great snow if only you could see it! This was just one more challenge to the three musketeers Garret, Toby and Freya,  the rest of us did our best but retired to the cafe after a couple of hours to await news of the others. All was not lost as we managed to watch the ski daters (no really!!) self consciously sip their valentines champagne around a red heart strewn table...great entertainment! The old leg were a bit sluggish yesterday and crawled along a relatively easy 4.5 mile route but I don't think I had skied enough to blame it on that!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Jogscotland leaders refresher course

Time to catch up with some old friends and make some new ones. Toby was doing the js leaders course so it was very nice to have company on the drive to Oban and to be doing something together. My course got off to a rocky start as the fitness instructor booked to do a drills session for the am was off sick but being resourceful folk we went out for a run along the front and out towards Ganovan sands which was lovely and great to chat and network with the other group members. They came from Islay, Campbellsport and Dalmally with all very different groups so the experience amongst us was very varied. The afternoon had a really good session with a nutritional specialising in sport and then a Q/A style discussion between us and the course organiser. Toby had a good day too.
PS Have just noticed that the amount of miles I have mapped in total on the below site is 1,449!! I am impressed.....and I don't always record every run..."Honk" what was that??Ahh the sound of someone somewhere blowing their own trumpet...shame on them.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Over the hills and Far away

..well, not too far but far enough on a lousy day. Liz and I headed out on a needs must as this was her only day off and so the weather is not allowed to stop us.  This is a run straight up from Minard which lies right on the shores of Loch Fyne. the forestry soon gives way to farming land and moors of the type I recognise from long walks in the Yorkshire Dales as a child. the weather on the way off was slightly more than drizzly rain but bearable. With jackets and hats soaking (Liz's more than mine as she dropped hers in a puddle when we stopped to leash the dogs through a field of cumbersome cows) we climbed and climbed to a lonely little holiday house in the middle of bleak beauty. Not the day to potter at the turn point we turned into the teeth of the wind to descend...and by that time it had developed big teeth! Joyful dogs had to be released as a nose drag through the puddles beckoned.....a shower and tomato soup at Liz's was about perfect! Back in the normal land of humans the ironing needed to be done to the accompaniment of The Archers and a rather odd R4 afternoon play.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wet Wednesday

A right old breezy rainy day today....the kitchen is festooned with deerstalkers jackets, gun cases and riding clothes all jostling for a place to dry off...just a little. Perched at the side are some damp trainers  following a surprisingly dry jogscotland session in Lochgilhead, there was a little rain but some rather deep puddles too that claimed the unwary runner quite early on in the session. Some new faces there tonight which is nice to see. folk are beginning to talk about the years races, what to enter, what they have entered and what they are too late to enter already. The Kintyre run was full by the 23rd January so I got in by the skin of my teeth there. Planning to run tomorrow....maybe the forecast is not great for then either!