Tuesday, 15 February 2011

First skiing of the year

A rather late start on Sunday meant afternoon passes only at the Coe which was as usual existing in its own little micro climate of snow. The roads became wintry only a mile or so away from the resort and sliding appeared to be obligatory for the cars attempting to park at the top end of the car park. The visibility faded as the chair lift climbed and was pretty poor as we skied off the chair life, so Scottish skiing normal...great snow if only you could see it! This was just one more challenge to the three musketeers Garret, Toby and Freya,  the rest of us did our best but retired to the cafe after a couple of hours to await news of the others. All was not lost as we managed to watch the ski daters (no really!!) self consciously sip their valentines champagne around a red heart strewn table...great entertainment! The old leg were a bit sluggish yesterday and crawled along a relatively easy 4.5 mile route but I don't think I had skied enough to blame it on that!

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