Friday, 4 February 2011

Over the hills and Far away

..well, not too far but far enough on a lousy day. Liz and I headed out on a needs must as this was her only day off and so the weather is not allowed to stop us.  This is a run straight up from Minard which lies right on the shores of Loch Fyne. the forestry soon gives way to farming land and moors of the type I recognise from long walks in the Yorkshire Dales as a child. the weather on the way off was slightly more than drizzly rain but bearable. With jackets and hats soaking (Liz's more than mine as she dropped hers in a puddle when we stopped to leash the dogs through a field of cumbersome cows) we climbed and climbed to a lonely little holiday house in the middle of bleak beauty. Not the day to potter at the turn point we turned into the teeth of the wind to descend...and by that time it had developed big teeth! Joyful dogs had to be released as a nose drag through the puddles beckoned.....a shower and tomato soup at Liz's was about perfect! Back in the normal land of humans the ironing needed to be done to the accompaniment of The Archers and a rather odd R4 afternoon play.

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