Sunday, 31 May 2009

Its really is....the Official Race Report

(and unofficially I am glad it is all over!!)

A lovely warm day greeted the starters for the inaugural Dun na Cuiche run sponsored by Inveraray Jail on Saturday May 30th. The 29 strong field left the Jail at 11am prompt making its way through the tourists admiring Loch Fyne and on into the castle grounds. The field was led all the way by the eventual winners from Arran Runners with the rest of the competitors fighting their own personal battles be it against the 236m hill or fellow club runners along the way. The friendly rivalry made for some very good times. The majority of the climb was shaded by the trees which was very welcome on one of the warmest days so far this year. The view from the top was not admired by many, except the marshals before powering it back down to the finish line in the Castle grounds. Nick Emsley and Paul Cameron both from Arran runners battled it out in the final stages for first place with Nick making it over the finish line with 8 seconds to spare. Both walked away with Quaiches in the end with Nick as overall winner 28.46 and Paul as first Junior 28.54. First male veteran and third overall went to Paul Thompson from Helensborough. There was an excellent showing from the Mid Argyll triathlon and cycle club with Stephen Whiston , Toby Corner (Inveraray Jogscotland) , Matt Donald and Peter Robertson jostling for position throughout the race. Toby won through in the end crossing the line (with only one shoe!) in 31.33, his first adult race and first local home. First female home was veteran Fiona Corner (MATCC and Jogscotland Inveraray) in 38.59, first female senior was Naomi Dixon, MATCC in 41.02. Third lady over the line was Liz Feeney ,fellow MATCC member in 41.31.First female junior, also running in her first race was Naomi Sturrock, 44.14 who only started running with the newly formed jogscotland Inveraray group 6 weeks ago. Tribute must also be paid to the dedication of Lynn Walker who despite a bad fall continued run over a km to finish nearly 2 minutes under her personal goal of 60 minutes. The organisers wish to thank all their sponsors Inveraray Jail, David and Kathy from Londis, Inveraray and Rhia and Shannon from Argyll Adventure who made the best tablet ever to replace that lost energy. The marshals and line judges did a fantastic job on a busy Saturday as did the volunteer first Aiders Bill and Fiona Nelson. The Duke of Argyll presented the Quaiches and prizes in the castle grounds.

The “Then” blog. For details see entry for March 7th 2009. In brief the restoration of Claonairigh House.
Sunday May 30th 1992
At Last-we have a date for completion. July 1st so it’s all go! We are all going up there on June 29th after Deborah’s (Cousin) wedding. G and P have great plans to re-glaze the house and make it secure asap.
Someone at work asked me if we would get the keys when we complete!

PS The writers of this blog would like to point out that the photo order no way reflects the true order of runners merely an ongoing cack-handedness at photo uploading!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Sunday May 24th

Finally D day arrived after a sleepless night despite the carbo loading the night before (how many carbs does a glass of wine have, and is drinking it what they mean by "keep up a good fluid intake"......?)Trying to force a power building breakfast into a protesting stomach is not easy especially when the same stomach is demanding frequent visits to the smallest room. We made it down to a chilly but dry Campbeltown in enough time to register but not too much time to panic (much). After last minute dithers re a jacket (sooooo glad I didn't) we were off. The 10ks and the half marathoners were together for the first 3/4 mile or so and then went our separate ways. In our case the course headed out of Campbeltown and towards the golf course. We hit the dunes then the beach at 5 miles and off at 6.5 or so. Hmmm this was not my favourite bit, very picturesque and cool but those dunes! Took me a while to get the rhythm back into my lower legs after that. Garret's encouraging chat and easy lolloping run had begun to irritate me by mile 9 but I restrained from stabbing him or even responding (mainly) due to 1. couldn't catch him and 2. no breath left. We will draw a veil over the blister forming miles from 9-11 but mile 12-13 were great! Straight down into the town and towards the ever loader shouts from pal Simone at the finish line who having completed her 10k was on the look out. In a nail biting finish when a sprinter shot passed me in the last few 10s of yards which Garret could not tolerate under any circumstances and so beat him to the line easily! I made it in 1hr 47 mins and 59 seconds....10 mins of my previous so a chuffed bunny indeed. G 48th overall, me 51st, 9th woman to finish and 7th veteran woman! The children however put us to shame as they got trophies! Toby first finisher in his 2k, Rosie 2nd girl in the same race and Freya 1st girl in her 1k race. So, a great day out and the only casualty is a toe on my left foot which is bruised and blistered making slippers the footwear of choice today!

The “Then” blog. For details see entry for March 7th 2009. In brief the restoration of Claonairigh House.
Sunday May 24th 1992
We have contacted two architects in Lochgilphead, one of whom is very interested in the restoration of historic buildings. He seems very positive about the whole project which is encouraging. We are awaiting a quote. The other chap had some useful info on grants etc which look hopeful. G has bought some kitchen cupboards. We decided that a fitted kitchen would not be right. One is particularly impressive. Very tall its top cupboard hides rows and rows of little spice/herb drawers. I have always wanted some drawers of this type. We can now hopefully see an end to all this bargaining which is a relief. It would be a wonderful anniversary present to get it all settles at last.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Ten weary miles on...even the dogs were knackered!

A wee trip round Loch Glashan with Liz and the dogs today before the rains came. Lucy realised what was afoot early on and paced herself but Ginny did not need to. Every so often her little black head would pop back over the crest of a hill to check our plodding progress. My legs were definitely heavy and the brain sore too I think. It took me a good long time to add up my mileage over the last two weeks and to come up with 53.3 miles. The litany of aches and pains grew as the miles clocked up and it made me feel so much better to list them all out loud. liz generously tolerated this foible for at least a mile. Who needs way markers when, for example,the tummy gets hungry at 2 miles,the right hip reliably and regularly starts to ache at 6 miles followed by various ailments both imaginary and real roving up and across the body with abandon? Liz beat me with a sprint to the car fair and square...(well, she did have Molly pulling her along on the lead but who would be churlish enough to note that, not me for sure......). We had a mutual confession as soon as the car was reached that internally we had been willing the other to drop to a walk at any point. However we are obviously made of sterner stuff and so celebrated by falling upon a packet of Rollo's lurking in my car. Fab soup at Liz's with toast and salmon finished a perfect (I can say that now) exercise routine nicely. All aches and pains forgotten and forgiven.The finger nails are rapidly disappearing and so that can only mean RACE DAY next weekend.
1hr 29 mins and 57s!!

To Edinburgh and back again....

Freya and three of her class mates made it through to a Euro Quiz final and so travelled to the big City on Monday to represent Argyll and Bute at the Parliament and a final involving about 25 teams, including one from Ireland and one from Germany. They took their places in the debating chamber usually reserved for MPs etc. and were a credit to their school and county.The questions were not easy and the relief all round when it was over and the two winning teams were left to battle it out for first place was palpable. They really enjoyed their day of being treated with respect and acknowledged for their achievement in getting to the final.

Sunday May 10th. Isle of Bute triathlon

More athletic endeavours this weekend with Garret and Toby braving the weather (not bad as it turned out!) to compete in The Bute Triathlon which is held...surprisingly on Bute accessed by the most expensive ferry ride in Europe. I stayed behind to make beds and breakfasts, bathing in Toby's reflected glory when they got back. First place in the Novice race both in the juniors and seniors. That's ma boy!!

Friday, 8 May 2009

End of another week

A bright (at times...) breezy, rainy, unpredictable Scottish day to mark yet another end of week. End of term tests are dominating Toby's life and hence ours at the moment. We have also survived a Swine Flu crisis as Toby definitely had it yesterday morning but has proved a medical miracle by throwing it off by home time.I am in a state of the old usual boring pre race panic intensified by two runs in quick succession...the second arranged by us. I have exacerbated the nerves this morning by looking at the web site for the 1/2 marathon and discovering a count down clock...what sadist thought of that one?! (16 days 0 hours 14 minutes and 56 seconds..oops no, now 55, 54,53...well you get the idea of bubbling hysteria I am sure). The PB at the week end has now receded into a series of excuses:-
a) Fluke
b) Familiar course
c) Glasgow guy pulled me along
d) Tail wind...actually that one is not true......

The “Then” blog. For details see entry for March 7th 2009. In brief the restoration of Claonairigh House.
Friday May 8th
The superiority of the feu now belongs to us in return for £1,000 plus legal costs...except for the fishing rights. The Estate maintains the rights of Salmon fishing. Some burdens imposed by Eagle Star still exist but we have a waiver over caravans for 2 years. So, once more it is all on again. We are awaiting Mrs Martin’s return from 3 weeks holiday (What’s a holiday??) to give a preliminary report into planning permission.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Yipee...a PB!

Today was a day of sunshine, showers and hail...the perfect choice for a 10k over the hills and far away! The intrepid Trio (Garret, Liz and I) arrived at the start in Lochgilphead in a hail storm....The others were smug in their preparedness whereas I worried about getting soaked to the skin just getting to register. Never mind, I like to run cold I thought, it is what I do. The run started in pleasantly warmish sun and continued to stay warm for the first 5-6k or so until I crested the brow of a hill running alongside a guy from Glasgow. This is the great thing about running, get yourself attached to someone just slightly faster and let them do the running for you, plus you get a good old chat too! So,I had company as I toppled over the top of the hill and into the accompanying hailstorm simultaneously.This was made soooo much better by the self satisfied feeling I had had less than three minutes previously about a vest and running shorts being the appropriate way to dress for such a warm day! Anyway, Mr Glasgow headed off after hearing that my estimated finish time was 50 minutes but by keeping him well in my sights I managed 46 so well chuffed, Garret did 43, and Liz 48 something and so no grumpy, long depressed faces here tonight, until the next race that is.

PS Cake made by Toby on our return.

PPS I didn't mention that I was second female home did I???

Saturday, 2 May 2009

A week with no running.... Arghhhhh!!

Not only that but a 10k tomorrow with muscles that have inexorably slid back into moaning about running a mile or less. A twinge or two (or three or four) of some kind of tendinitis along the front of my left leg forced me to abandon the 1/2 marathon training temporarily in an attempt to stay in tomorrows race. This came on following the sponsored walk, or to be more accurate during it,my solution to this is not to walk anywhere any more. I shall run or be pushed by an available off spring in an upright metal tipped up thingy with wheels like delivery men use to trundle around heavy packages. I did potter along with Inveraray jogscotland (we had an article in the local paper no the sports pages too!!) but missed the sprints having to watch the poor souls from the sidelines. Hopefully next week I can join in too. A peaceful week here with some very amicable guests who like some kind of flip side to me walk everywhere...well they have to really as they have no car! They are very committed to this and don't even accept lifts offered into Inveraray! They do it for fun, still it is a very nice walk. Off now to rescue the burning chicken from the, it is not the one previously featured although I am keeping my beady eye on her!