Sunday, 3 May 2009

Yipee...a PB!

Today was a day of sunshine, showers and hail...the perfect choice for a 10k over the hills and far away! The intrepid Trio (Garret, Liz and I) arrived at the start in Lochgilphead in a hail storm....The others were smug in their preparedness whereas I worried about getting soaked to the skin just getting to register. Never mind, I like to run cold I thought, it is what I do. The run started in pleasantly warmish sun and continued to stay warm for the first 5-6k or so until I crested the brow of a hill running alongside a guy from Glasgow. This is the great thing about running, get yourself attached to someone just slightly faster and let them do the running for you, plus you get a good old chat too! So,I had company as I toppled over the top of the hill and into the accompanying hailstorm simultaneously.This was made soooo much better by the self satisfied feeling I had had less than three minutes previously about a vest and running shorts being the appropriate way to dress for such a warm day! Anyway, Mr Glasgow headed off after hearing that my estimated finish time was 50 minutes but by keeping him well in my sights I managed 46 so well chuffed, Garret did 43, and Liz 48 something and so no grumpy, long depressed faces here tonight, until the next race that is.

PS Cake made by Toby on our return.

PPS I didn't mention that I was second female home did I???

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