Saturday, 2 May 2009

A week with no running.... Arghhhhh!!

Not only that but a 10k tomorrow with muscles that have inexorably slid back into moaning about running a mile or less. A twinge or two (or three or four) of some kind of tendinitis along the front of my left leg forced me to abandon the 1/2 marathon training temporarily in an attempt to stay in tomorrows race. This came on following the sponsored walk, or to be more accurate during it,my solution to this is not to walk anywhere any more. I shall run or be pushed by an available off spring in an upright metal tipped up thingy with wheels like delivery men use to trundle around heavy packages. I did potter along with Inveraray jogscotland (we had an article in the local paper no the sports pages too!!) but missed the sprints having to watch the poor souls from the sidelines. Hopefully next week I can join in too. A peaceful week here with some very amicable guests who like some kind of flip side to me walk everywhere...well they have to really as they have no car! They are very committed to this and don't even accept lifts offered into Inveraray! They do it for fun, still it is a very nice walk. Off now to rescue the burning chicken from the, it is not the one previously featured although I am keeping my beady eye on her!

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