Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Moth Man

It takes all sorts and the endless variety of interests we have is diverse and wonderful. In our time in B and B land we have only met two who have shared with us their interest in moths. Permission is asked to place a live moth trap in a discreet location where the bright attracting light will not bother anyone and left to do its stuff. Last night's moth enthusiast caught many, many midges and around 40 different moth varieties including two rarities... The Birch Mocha (bottom) and the Saxon (top).... I sound wise and knowledgeable in the land of lepidoptery but alas this is merely google acquired.

Other excitement last night included a trip to The George to celebrate the end of exams for Toby and Rosie, and Toby's girlfriend Fabienne. Shortly after I retired to bed post meal to read a wee bit of the excellent Robin Hobb the other guests discovered that leaving their car in Inveraray after a pint and getting a lift home from The George staff was a great idea until they remembered that their room key was in the car.... in Inveraray. Thank goodness for spares.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hot Argyll

A very hot weekend on the west coast... At times the warmest in the UK which has to be a very rare the pigs found their own way of cooling off.... Poor child number two slogged on with revision whilst number one son partied and celebrated the end of exams. Such is life. We played a bit too escaping to The George for the Bluebell music Festival in the evenings. I am writing this outside the High School with a serene and happy Rosie fresh from her PE ( and final) exam waiting for Toby to shower post gym. Never was there a cleaner teenage boy! Celebrations at The George tonight!!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cider with Rosie.. And Toby, Freya, Garret

......and a houseful of guests. Bed and breakfast life is never predictable and can be full of unexpected pleasures and surprises. On Thursday night we had more guests than we had bargained for when after a road closure following a bad accident first one friend arrived in need of shelter for the night and then another one with two sons and two dogs in tow. Fifteen souls and three canines in Claonairigh that night some in more comfort than others. Another out of the ordinary B and B moment came on Saturday night when one guest gave a taste tester session of Thistley Cross Ciders for us and the other guests from Scotland and from the States. We gave the first three a thumbs up but the strawberry cider was only a hit with those whose taste beds have been dulled by iron bru and alcopops. With a need to exercise off the previous nights excesses Garret, Freya and I cycled ( leaving the poor revisees at home in charge if the washing machine) along the A83 to the head of the Loch and along the Glen past Highland cows and ridiculously picturesque countryside and then back via the Seafood Fair at Loch Fyne Oysters... Lots of mussels, salmon burgers and enough tablet and cake to fuel Freya's homeward legs... Perfect!

Friday, 11 May 2012

The Claonairigh Animals

Just a reminder of who actually runs Claonairigh... the animals with their hard and fast feeding times and routines. Actually they are fairly flexible re breakfast but any delay in supper time and the accompanying lock in for poultry can lead to a significant reduction in feathered fowl.... Poppy the goat holds her own against unruly and cheeky upstart piglets maintaining her dignity which comes naturally to anyone with large curly horns which she is not afraid to use. Holly the pup is growing up but still tolerates a cuddle between pig bothering duties and the new ducks I suppose will eventually leave the hut and enter the whole wide world of the back field.... maybe.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

A bird in the hand....

... Is worth a photo. Not too sure why this chap was so tame and hope that it wasn't an indication of ill health. He was re-located from the rather risky position mid drive to a nearby banking. The fine month-long weather has slightly broken with warm wet May days our lot at present... Good growing weather so the beans are poking up through the poly tunnel soil and the peas are in the "straggly in the seedling pots yet too small for the great outdoors" inbetweeny phase. I have nasturtium seedlings EVERYWHERE, legacy from last years plants that swarmed all over the place. Salad plants were starting to burst free from their primary leaves until a nocturnal slug took a midnight snack so more have been sown protected this time by crushed egg shells and left over coffee grounds.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Cosies for your breakfast eggs.

How lovely it is to be on the receiving end of an unexpected and thoughtful piece of kindness. Under the usual flyers suggesting that we a) sell our house b) insure it (again) or c) vote for whoever hasn't already showered us with unsolicited pieces of paper (note to prospective candidates in the upcoming local elections- we prefer non shiny paper for our mail shots as they are far superior as fire lighters) was a yellow box about the size of a book with a variety of pretty and, if the present prices here are a guide, expensive German stamps. Inside were the two egg cosies pictured sent by a recidivist guest. He was party to an ongoing manic search a few years ago and these will add wonderfully to my collection. Thank you very much Rainer!! X