Thursday, 10 May 2012

A bird in the hand....

... Is worth a photo. Not too sure why this chap was so tame and hope that it wasn't an indication of ill health. He was re-located from the rather risky position mid drive to a nearby banking. The fine month-long weather has slightly broken with warm wet May days our lot at present... Good growing weather so the beans are poking up through the poly tunnel soil and the peas are in the "straggly in the seedling pots yet too small for the great outdoors" inbetweeny phase. I have nasturtium seedlings EVERYWHERE, legacy from last years plants that swarmed all over the place. Salad plants were starting to burst free from their primary leaves until a nocturnal slug took a midnight snack so more have been sown protected this time by crushed egg shells and left over coffee grounds.

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