Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Moth Man

It takes all sorts and the endless variety of interests we have is diverse and wonderful. In our time in B and B land we have only met two who have shared with us their interest in moths. Permission is asked to place a live moth trap in a discreet location where the bright attracting light will not bother anyone and left to do its stuff. Last night's moth enthusiast caught many, many midges and around 40 different moth varieties including two rarities... The Birch Mocha (bottom) and the Saxon (top).... I sound wise and knowledgeable in the land of lepidoptery but alas this is merely google acquired.

Other excitement last night included a trip to The George to celebrate the end of exams for Toby and Rosie, and Toby's girlfriend Fabienne. Shortly after I retired to bed post meal to read a wee bit of the excellent Robin Hobb the other guests discovered that leaving their car in Inveraray after a pint and getting a lift home from The George staff was a great idea until they remembered that their room key was in the car.... in Inveraray. Thank goodness for spares.

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