Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Weekend shenanigans

The big family race on Sunday became slightly smaller after it was unanimously decided by me that Garret would be potty (technical term) to run on a mending broken foot, Freya was on the verge of breakdown with a week of sleepovers and almost constant rehearsals for Grease.... She is first or second trumpet ( depends...).So Toby and I trundled off far too early on Sunday morning to Campbeltown. I drove, he slept. It is a great event with lots of locals and lots of friends taking part. Toby had a fine run doing the 10k in 38:03 and coming fifth overall, 1st junior.... I decided to hang back so as not to shame him and finished with my sore feet at 54 minutes. All friends very happy with their times etc and the goody bag was great!

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