Monday, 25 June 2012


Summer must be here as the TV is full of Wimbledon. Happy days and here come the excuses to stay in the kitchen and watch for the next two weeks... So far today home made rolls and soup being made for tea and lemon loaves ready for the guests this afternoon. The sun is shining over Claonairigh as well Centre Court where the grass is looking as lush and green as an Argyll lawn. Garret meanwhile on his way to work has become distracted ( see photo) with providing a better view from the double room and our bathroom. He has just watched a red squirrel release itself from the squirrel proof bird feeder....they seem to be getting braver around our house which is lovely to see.

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KatyDidStitches said...

We've been looking forward to July...Wimbledon, The Open and the Olympics. We're ready to get our British on! And by the way, those lemon loaves look yummy, Fee!