Sunday, 27 November 2011


We have a tradition in the Corner family re dogs names which leads to many a debate ( argument). Tess, our first born hound was named to remind us of the haunted heroine of Thomas Hardy's novel. How highbrow we're we?? Well, me anyway. Garret could well have chosen Rimmer from
Red Dwarf.....Sam came next and of course was named for Samwise Gamgee, faithful hobbit companion. I read the whole kit and caboodle to Garret when we had no entertainment beyond LW radio 4. By the time dog number three joined us I was wading through the sublime Narnia stories and so Lucy joined us for alas too short a time. Ginny was next, half sister of Lucy and named amid Harry Potter Madness. With Lucy's untimely departure we had a vacancy for.... Holly the latest collie to join us. The naming was a problem as seemingly all the books we like have cracking male monikers but rubbish girls ones but Captain Holly Short ( Artemis Fowl) from the Fairy LEP came to our rescue. So, welcome Holly!! Ginny and I took refuge from puppy times for a wee four mile run along Loch Fyne.....

Friday, 25 November 2011

Piggy times

The pig family now numbers nine.. Two boars, two females one of whom is the mother of five fine piglets. I say now numbers but in fact the tense is incorrect. Pig escapades and adventures have hastened the inevitable. A leisurely guest breakfast time was drawing to a close in a chatty way when a large black pig was spotted down the hill. The others had already been corralled back into the field by Garret but poor black pig had caused her last disruption. However the end was swift and what we intended for our meat. Garret found the porcine equivalent of a escape tunnel and blocked it. We wind forwards through a pleasant morning of housey stuff ending with a couple of boiled eggs and toast for lunch. This was just settling nicely and I was contemplating a cuppa when a friend rang. Relaxing, organised day came to an abrupt end with the news that pigs had been sited trundling along the A83....I rang the cavalry to come and assist and set off down the track yellow bucket in hand and heart in mouth. One hundred yards from the end of the track a small black boar was sauntering homewards but sadly alone. Encouraged to stay with a handful of pig nuts ( yum) he was left whilst I shot out onto the road and gave an international signal to the van driver stopped nearest meaning " Where the hell are my pigs??), luckily this was the pig spotting pal and he indicated to errant pigs chomping by the roadside 500m or so along the road direction Inveraray. Calm headed chap that he is unlike mad flapping woman with bucket he drove past the group to stop an invasion of our Royal Burgh. A light bulb flashes above my head and bucket held high I shout "Pig!! Pig!!" ..... Good huh! The pigs raise unworried grazing heads and spotted the feeding receptacle. A rout ensues with the boar and female chasing bucket and holdee along the road and up the track. Grinning stationary motorists had a treat as galloping pigs gained on me and indeed overtook on the hill. Two little fat piglets vainly tried to keep up with their legs pumping away with all their might. Back in the field we all took a breather and welcomed the cavalry from Argyll Adventure who arrived hotfoot just as I clicked the gate shut. The afternoon was spent cramming any heavy junk I could find into the escape hatch. By her lingering presence Mother Pig was definitely the ring leader. Lots of pork dinners coming our way methinks!!
Good cold run with Lizzie today. Hail, wind, rain we had it all... Reward lovely cosy lunch in The George.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Sunday Cycle

Being blighted in an inability to sleep in later than about 7am especially after a late night is not all bad... Up, breakfasted, bike racked on the car and off to Lochgilphead by 9:30. The unrelenting rain shown on the forecast was thankfully a lie and a lovely ride through the forest trails was our reward for hard working legs. No competitive speeding off but a companionable brisk ride. Then home for bacon sarnies... Perfect!!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Glow in the Dark run

Planning a run is pretty stressful as any race organiser will confirm. Planning three concurrent distances in the dark threatened to put my blood pressure into orbit. Garret and Liz ran the course in high spirits on Friday morning on yet another check of the course ( actually trying to get the four mile route into Garret's memory chip) with me dragging behind moving branches and brooding on a stiff muscle at the top of my left leg. Running with two bouncy people in the peak of fitness always works wonders for your confidence. Back to the run.... The leaves were crisp and dry and the weather lovely. Watch this space.....
Barn sweeping (aided by a piglet of two) toilet cleaning and generally flapping filled in the time creeping by until the children were delivered home. Then bang the clock hands began to whizz round in a frenzy whilst the application of glowing products to hair and bodies alike took place. Earrings were clipped to unaccustomed ears (Garret's) and flashing lights wound around bodies. The meeting place was deserted when we arrived at 15 minutes to go but then a fabulous number of variously glowing people arrived to raise a fantastic £425 by running three or four miles or walking two. Sadly the leaves were no longer crisp but rather sad and slimy due to an inconvenient shower which lasted the whole time of the event and then stopped. But we're made of stern stuff in Argyll and as was stated in a bracing way several times "Och it could be worse". Pig and pudds followed in the newly swept barn. My idea of a good night. Guilt free food!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Tin Farm 5

Clear blue skies over Inveraray yesterday were luckily duplicated at Ormsary yesterday despite about 15 miles of fog between the two. This is a 5 mile cross country run with some stiff hills and some beach... and a finish line cruelly placed up a slight incline. Toby proved that training does make a difference and completed in 34 minutes, 1st male junior and 3rd overall. Rosie also did herself proud beating two others easily to get 1st jr female. My form is returning and the comparative spirit dragged me up the hills behind one friend and pushed me down the other side just in front of another. Garret ran a comfortable time and it was great to see the children rewarded for their endeavours. Tired legs all round is the reward this morning ( just one in Toby's case) but doing the rooms and climbing the stairs will soon sort that for me.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Another race beckons

Pre race preparation does not usually include skiing- there are reasons for this.
1) you might fall over
2) if you haven't skied for a while it may make your legs ache.

Bear the above in mind. A hospital appointment yesterday (still doing hunkey dorey, an unusual
medical classification but one I am fond of) meant an excuse to hit the cold slopes of Xscape. And boy were they cold! The snow was new and a bit sticky... so good for me but not speedy boy Garret. I did fall but only the once and yes my knees do ache a bit today but hopefully by Sunday (race day) they will be ready to tackle the BIG hill. Shopping included buying a monkey suit for Garret... And no,not a DJ. There are soooo many opportunities here for offspring embarrassment that it leaves one quite breathless. No breakfasts this morning so an early swim with Liz practising turns and rolling. Ahh I live the high life.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Running, piglets and Morris dancers

A gorgeous Argyll day today with fluffy clouds and actual blue skies. The ground is a wee bit soggy underfoot but who cares when the air is all fresh and dry. The piglets were out and about nosing away at anything remotely edible such as my knees. They have discovered the world of grass beyond the electric fence and gate which they can get under and through, it won't be long before they are driving me bonkers but at the moment it is just downright cute. The evening was just as fine running round the Glow in the Dark 3 mile route as a tester with Lizzie and Patrick. Despite the many man traps i.e. puddles, rouge kerbs and fallen branches waiting to ambush the unwary we survived the experience.Patrick was left in Inveraray to go and purchase his bribe for running ( pizza) and we hardy girls did another one and a half miles on the Castle roads. Am being distracted by Rosie looking up Morris Dancing on google videos, this prompted by her Morris dancing hating uncle... Having no previous experience she is quite speechless especially at the Extreme Morris Dancing. This is not for the faint hearted. You have been warned.