Sunday, 13 November 2011

Glow in the Dark run

Planning a run is pretty stressful as any race organiser will confirm. Planning three concurrent distances in the dark threatened to put my blood pressure into orbit. Garret and Liz ran the course in high spirits on Friday morning on yet another check of the course ( actually trying to get the four mile route into Garret's memory chip) with me dragging behind moving branches and brooding on a stiff muscle at the top of my left leg. Running with two bouncy people in the peak of fitness always works wonders for your confidence. Back to the run.... The leaves were crisp and dry and the weather lovely. Watch this space.....
Barn sweeping (aided by a piglet of two) toilet cleaning and generally flapping filled in the time creeping by until the children were delivered home. Then bang the clock hands began to whizz round in a frenzy whilst the application of glowing products to hair and bodies alike took place. Earrings were clipped to unaccustomed ears (Garret's) and flashing lights wound around bodies. The meeting place was deserted when we arrived at 15 minutes to go but then a fabulous number of variously glowing people arrived to raise a fantastic £425 by running three or four miles or walking two. Sadly the leaves were no longer crisp but rather sad and slimy due to an inconvenient shower which lasted the whole time of the event and then stopped. But we're made of stern stuff in Argyll and as was stated in a bracing way several times "Och it could be worse". Pig and pudds followed in the newly swept barn. My idea of a good night. Guilt free food!

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