Friday, 25 November 2011

Piggy times

The pig family now numbers nine.. Two boars, two females one of whom is the mother of five fine piglets. I say now numbers but in fact the tense is incorrect. Pig escapades and adventures have hastened the inevitable. A leisurely guest breakfast time was drawing to a close in a chatty way when a large black pig was spotted down the hill. The others had already been corralled back into the field by Garret but poor black pig had caused her last disruption. However the end was swift and what we intended for our meat. Garret found the porcine equivalent of a escape tunnel and blocked it. We wind forwards through a pleasant morning of housey stuff ending with a couple of boiled eggs and toast for lunch. This was just settling nicely and I was contemplating a cuppa when a friend rang. Relaxing, organised day came to an abrupt end with the news that pigs had been sited trundling along the A83....I rang the cavalry to come and assist and set off down the track yellow bucket in hand and heart in mouth. One hundred yards from the end of the track a small black boar was sauntering homewards but sadly alone. Encouraged to stay with a handful of pig nuts ( yum) he was left whilst I shot out onto the road and gave an international signal to the van driver stopped nearest meaning " Where the hell are my pigs??), luckily this was the pig spotting pal and he indicated to errant pigs chomping by the roadside 500m or so along the road direction Inveraray. Calm headed chap that he is unlike mad flapping woman with bucket he drove past the group to stop an invasion of our Royal Burgh. A light bulb flashes above my head and bucket held high I shout "Pig!! Pig!!" ..... Good huh! The pigs raise unworried grazing heads and spotted the feeding receptacle. A rout ensues with the boar and female chasing bucket and holdee along the road and up the track. Grinning stationary motorists had a treat as galloping pigs gained on me and indeed overtook on the hill. Two little fat piglets vainly tried to keep up with their legs pumping away with all their might. Back in the field we all took a breather and welcomed the cavalry from Argyll Adventure who arrived hotfoot just as I clicked the gate shut. The afternoon was spent cramming any heavy junk I could find into the escape hatch. By her lingering presence Mother Pig was definitely the ring leader. Lots of pork dinners coming our way methinks!!
Good cold run with Lizzie today. Hail, wind, rain we had it all... Reward lovely cosy lunch in The George.

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KatyDidStitches said...

Great story, Fee! Almost as good as the one about the dressing-down you gave that truck driver who clipped you while you were biking. I would LOVE to have seen those pigs chasing you up the hill!