Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Running, piglets and Morris dancers

A gorgeous Argyll day today with fluffy clouds and actual blue skies. The ground is a wee bit soggy underfoot but who cares when the air is all fresh and dry. The piglets were out and about nosing away at anything remotely edible such as my knees. They have discovered the world of grass beyond the electric fence and gate which they can get under and through, it won't be long before they are driving me bonkers but at the moment it is just downright cute. The evening was just as fine running round the Glow in the Dark 3 mile route as a tester with Lizzie and Patrick. Despite the many man traps i.e. puddles, rouge kerbs and fallen branches waiting to ambush the unwary we survived the experience.Patrick was left in Inveraray to go and purchase his bribe for running ( pizza) and we hardy girls did another one and a half miles on the Castle roads. Am being distracted by Rosie looking up Morris Dancing on google videos, this prompted by her Morris dancing hating uncle... Having no previous experience she is quite speechless especially at the Extreme Morris Dancing. This is not for the faint hearted. You have been warned.

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