Sunday, 27 November 2011


We have a tradition in the Corner family re dogs names which leads to many a debate ( argument). Tess, our first born hound was named to remind us of the haunted heroine of Thomas Hardy's novel. How highbrow we're we?? Well, me anyway. Garret could well have chosen Rimmer from
Red Dwarf.....Sam came next and of course was named for Samwise Gamgee, faithful hobbit companion. I read the whole kit and caboodle to Garret when we had no entertainment beyond LW radio 4. By the time dog number three joined us I was wading through the sublime Narnia stories and so Lucy joined us for alas too short a time. Ginny was next, half sister of Lucy and named amid Harry Potter Madness. With Lucy's untimely departure we had a vacancy for.... Holly the latest collie to join us. The naming was a problem as seemingly all the books we like have cracking male monikers but rubbish girls ones but Captain Holly Short ( Artemis Fowl) from the Fairy LEP came to our rescue. So, welcome Holly!! Ginny and I took refuge from puppy times for a wee four mile run along Loch Fyne.....


KatyDidStitches said...

Oh, Fee! THAT is one cute puppy! I hope Ginny teaches her how to do balloons!


Rainer said...

Welcome Holly, sweet little thing.