Saturday, 10 December 2011


The snow has arrived at Claonairigh after the worst storm for many years. No extensive damage here thankfully apart from to the new puppy's nerves. Since she arrived two weeks ago we have had torrential rain, blizzards, hurricane type winds and the odd stunningly beautiful spell as in the photos. The annual Inveraray jogscotland Jingle Bells run is this Sunday so away up the track Liz and I went to check out the ice situation. Four and a half or so miles later no ice but very wet feet so no change there for a run in the Argyll winter, at least they were not coated in mud too. My running mojo is still not back... Do I rest or keep plodding on? Five miles seems to be the limit for heavy tired legs.
Shades of years to come last night with the girls both on sleepovers and Toby taking an early night, we even got to choose what we watched on TV, my Mastermind choice did not go down well with Garret. He would rather the kids choice I think. Holly frolicked, bit, played and chewed (bone) her way through the evening at last collapsing exhausted.

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