Friday, 1 July 2011

Tri training

And so the triathlon traing starts again!! Rosie and I went out cycling the night before last to try her out on the big bad road. Wobbly legs for both of us as I have not been out on a bike for many a week/month either. Last night was then end of session run with the running group which was fabulous with almost everyone attending and then a great meal afterwards. The below workout was the beginning of brick training..urgh, so called because it would be slightly better to run with a brick tied on each leg....or because it feels as though your thighs have seized up and become as intractable as a couple of bricks after a hard cycle when you try quite illogically to force those muscles into running. The dogs had a great time as we ran out all at slightly different rates after the cycle and so they just turned constantly and ran with whoever was still heading out whenever we passed each other. Ahhh.. and now the tennis, thankfully watching not playing.