Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Life and sweet sixteen.

Busy times recently despite the slow grinding to a halt of the B and B season. Life reinserts itself into the gap left by the lack of bed making and bacon cooking. Rosie has reached her landmark of sixteen with many cakes, many designs and much love. Bonfires and cakes... Traditional way to celebrate a rite of passage. This was all done during the small slice of time allowed away from applying her nose to the grindstone of Higher Course work.
I am gradually getting used to being a university mum. This seems to consist of constantly being on the alert at the end of a texting device through long periods of inactivity just in case and then adjusting to the return of the prodigal for the weekend occasionally to rest his liver. The quietness erupts and the dynamics rock at his return in a typical family teenage way. There are nuggets of delight and, lets be honest, slight conflict as siblings readjust. Memories will be treasured of a country walk with Toby on Sunday. He, Holly and I and the great Argyll countryside... Until we got stuck mid- tree fall. Holly and I went round ( most of) it.