Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal wedding day

Well, we managed to avoid all royal wedding influence for the day until 3.30pm...we cycled along the shores of Loch Fyne to Furnace for a very, very late lunch and caught a glimpse of "the dress" on the news in the Furnace Inn...I am quite a royalist but did not want to spend a very nice day inside watching it so a'cycling we did go. This was all fine and dandy until we rang Garret and Toby who were going the faster road route to give warning  that we were 10-15 minutes away from lunch, ended the call and Freya's chain promptly snagged...some very dirty hands and several long minutes later we got her going and with only one more similar episode made it all the way to Furnace. The reason for the loch side route was to get the way markers set etc. for our "I'm late I'm Late White Rabbit Easter Rabbit run" tomorrow. Freya is going to go and place the relevant signs tomorrow whilst I am doing breakfast etc....(I hope) laid plans of mice and rabbits and all that!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Well, the cake was made (by Toby) and the eggs painted so all that remained was to throw them down the hill and render the dogs smelly for the next 24hours or the time honoured tradition the eggs were lobbed..Garret won the furthest thrown and after a real battle between Granddad and I my egg on out in the last egg standing (lolling?) category. Guests arrived mid competition but did not seem to mind the excitement! a quick run out was taken by my good self to lark the run next week for the jogscotland group...a three or four mile choice of route with walkers welcome too. this is an old favourite and the girls accompanied me until the first slight drop of drizzle hit and then they hot footed (hot pedalled?) it for home on their bikes.Well, it will have spent some of the chocolate calories.....

Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter bits and bobs.....

A few lovely runs this week albeit shortish. Tuesdays jogscotland group managed to get out and about for a lovely 3.75 miles round the castle grounds and then on Wednesday we went on the "Beaver" run round Loch Collie Bharr near Crinan. no beavers but a really nice group run with a devilishly steep scramble at the end. True to form I am marginally better at the ups than the downs and chose to take up the rearguard position (well, I could end up with a nice soft landing if needed). the faithless hounds took off with the faster and therefore so much more fun Naomi a crime for which I have not yet forgiven them. Easter preparations are under way as I type with Toby creating the Simnel cake in time to some awful noises coming from his ipad (yes..I have turned into my mother, it was only a matter of time and hormones) and my hot cross bun dough in the bread maker (a lazy baker). The eggs are still to be painted so fun times ahead!!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Crinan Puffer

Crinan Puffer today and after a sleepless-ish week the apprehension was rising and the vivid bad dreams abounded! However the day was PERFECT for running and the support amazing, every one who passed me (and there were many) had a kind motivating word to help me along. The marshals and spectators almost (almost) carried  us along  but the best moment was after we became convinced that we must have passed the 4 mile marker and where on earth was the 5 mile one ...and then we saw the 6 mile one! This does not often happen to me as I am usually anticipating each marker well in advance. Garret paced and coached magnificently and the only issue was a lack of energy which I can cope with. I was pleased with a 1:18 and managed to raise a fabulous £270 for The Mid Argyll Chemotherapy unit...I can feel tea at The George coming on as a wee treat for all.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Five miler today...warm, slow and steady!

Picked up the training again today in fine style after dropping off the girls at Oban airport to go flying with Howard and Myrna...what an experience at age 12 and 14! Both beat their mother as they actually took the controls during the flights. I drove to Oban and parked at Corran Halls and ran to Ganovan sands which was smaller than I thought but further away! A little clifff side run and then back which took care of an hour or so. The weather was so warm that the crowds were out and it feels like summer. Home to a BBQ with friends at argyll adventure finished off a perfect day nicely..and home in time for bed at 10.30 all tired out!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Training and Raining

The heavens have opened in Argyll but training must go on... I had a try last night at some speed work round here but the wind and rain deposited me back home after three and a half miles of buffeting and drowning. Tonight's mid Argyll jogscotland run was similar but so much better with company... My energy levels were higher and the dogs do not like to run at the back of the group so we went round in record time!! Family happy at home as Rosie delivered Corner take on Carbonnara unaided.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Fund raising and training

I am now embarking on the training for my charity runs due to take place over the next few months or so. I am running for breast Cancer Care and the local chemotherapy unit in Lochgilphead. Both causes very close to my heart at present. The runs are :-
Hopefully I shall post to show the progression of my training...or lack of it! So far this week I managed the slow and steady 5 miles and then last night boot camp replaced a speed session. Quite undecided at present whether it is better to just slog out another long run or do some speed work in the rain..maybe I will have a cup of tea whilst I mull it over.....

Now the shameless begging!
To donate

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Paper Chase and beyond

 Such a busy week with such a lot going on and so little time to write it. On Sunday Garret and the children took part in a paper chase at the stables with various partnerships being made and secret strategies reality speed was the key to success as a sweaty Clyde and Barra testified when returning with the eventual winners Toby and Myrna.....The day was such a success with no barrier to competing beyond the ability to ride...and hold on tight!! The last week of term passses always in a flurry but this week was extra fast flowing with Toby being made deputy head Boy, competing in a basketball competition that raised the teenage tackles so far they nearly exploded and my big brother, his partner Jane and my new(ish) little nephew Billy arriving on Wednesday night for a little holiday. too many runs to put down but here is today's..a lovely scenic run round Ardcastle...loch and forest all the way. Happy dogs and Happy Fee!!