Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter bits and bobs.....

A few lovely runs this week albeit shortish. Tuesdays jogscotland group managed to get out and about for a lovely 3.75 miles round the castle grounds and then on Wednesday we went on the "Beaver" run round Loch Collie Bharr near Crinan. no beavers but a really nice group run with a devilishly steep scramble at the end. True to form I am marginally better at the ups than the downs and chose to take up the rearguard position (well, I could end up with a nice soft landing if needed). the faithless hounds took off with the faster and therefore so much more fun Naomi a crime for which I have not yet forgiven them. Easter preparations are under way as I type with Toby creating the Simnel cake in time to some awful noises coming from his ipad (yes..I have turned into my mother, it was only a matter of time and hormones) and my hot cross bun dough in the bread maker (a lazy baker). The eggs are still to be painted so fun times ahead!!

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