Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Well, the cake was made (by Toby) and the eggs painted so all that remained was to throw them down the hill and render the dogs smelly for the next 24hours or so...in the time honoured tradition the eggs were lobbed..Garret won the furthest thrown and after a real battle between Granddad and I my egg on out in the last egg standing (lolling?) category. Guests arrived mid competition but did not seem to mind the excitement! a quick run out was taken by my good self to lark the run next week for the jogscotland group...a three or four mile choice of route with walkers welcome too. this is an old favourite and the girls accompanied me until the first slight drop of drizzle hit and then they hot footed (hot pedalled?) it for home on their bikes.Well, it will have spent some of the chocolate calories.....


KatyDidStitches said...

So you throw your Easter eggs down the hill? Really?

Love the picture of you all in front of the house...kinda makes me homesick!


Fee said...

we do indeed..paint them then throw them! Its a Corner tradition!