Saturday, 2 April 2011

Paper Chase and beyond

 Such a busy week with such a lot going on and so little time to write it. On Sunday Garret and the children took part in a paper chase at the stables with various partnerships being made and secret strategies reality speed was the key to success as a sweaty Clyde and Barra testified when returning with the eventual winners Toby and Myrna.....The day was such a success with no barrier to competing beyond the ability to ride...and hold on tight!! The last week of term passses always in a flurry but this week was extra fast flowing with Toby being made deputy head Boy, competing in a basketball competition that raised the teenage tackles so far they nearly exploded and my big brother, his partner Jane and my new(ish) little nephew Billy arriving on Wednesday night for a little holiday. too many runs to put down but here is today's..a lovely scenic run round Ardcastle...loch and forest all the way. Happy dogs and Happy Fee!!

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G.S. said...

Hi Fee, just wanted you to know I stopped by. It's nice to read about your family fun.