Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Last ski??

A full week end of skiing for some as Garret, Freya and Rosie headed for a blue sky day on Saturday but long queues whereas Sunday was more challenging visibility wise but much less stomping up and down the tow queues. Toby, Freya and Garret flew around showing off n the top slopes and the wall whilst Rosie and I pottered. I learnt how to stand at the front of the T-bar queue and shout for other singles to avoid riding alone. i had some interesting drags up the hill, one boarder who was very pleased to take advantage of having a skier to balance him up...not sure that it was an equal relationship, one very tall guy who wedged the bar firmly under his bottom leaving me to drag along with no support other than my hand firmly gripping the pole, a monosyllabic guy and best of all a Russian man who lives in Scotland now but did reside in Doncaster for sometime and is an expert on the whole Yorkshire accent situation (especially Barnsley). the snow was just right for me gripping the skies and slowing a nervous girl down nicely. Nice wide runs meant you could take your time.  Garret, Toby and Freya skied to the car park...spot them if you can in the long shot! Managed a run out on Friday and Saturday both with Kate up for the weekend from Leeds..there are more hills at Ardcastle than I recall..very quiet though with only one group of Ramblers for Ginny to be scared of and bark at as they viciously walked along the path in a threatening way.

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