Thursday, 3 March 2011

A soft spring seems to have arrived in Argyll at last with some warm days and clear cold nights which is very pleasant. I have even managed to start shifting the massive amounts of weeds from the garden into the piggies moths which is a pleasing way to re-cycle. They now come running Povlov style when they hear the squeaky wheel barrow approaching. This brave little primrose is just starting to peek out in my chilly garden, all over Argyll they are evident in warm spots but this is my first very won one and was only visible once the choking taller grass was pulled away. The weekend passed by in a blur of Athletics final in Oban for Freya  and a visit to collect the car from the garage. This cost me more than just the repairs as a trip to the cinema was promised so after giving the cinema all my money and mortgaging the house to buy some popcorn (Bizarrely cheaper to buy two medium drinks and one medium popcorn than two small drinks and a small popcorn which just meant that Freya and I cannot look a piece of popcorn in the face for a very long time...possibly never) we spent a very unchallenging and amusing couple of hours watching "Tangled" with lots of very young children. We sank down in our seats to try to blend in....The horse Maximus made the film and indeed is everything a sidekick should be.Everyone should know a Maximus!

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