Sunday, 19 December 2010

Decking The Halls!

The Argyll deep freeze continues amid preparations for Christmas. Today's trip to see the Dawn Treader has been delayed as Toby and Freya full of cold...very seasonal. Friday saw the last decorations going into place, after souffle and jacket spuds the tree dressing was well managed by all concerned despite Toby thinking that an owl was more suitable than an Angel as top of the tree occupant.In fact I think I had better check to make sure it has not flown up there again. The forest roads are now covered with a fresh layer of snow from yesterday which gives a little more gripunderfoot. I attempted a run along to the Caravan Park two days ago, only about a 1/4 of it was runnable as I skidded the rest of the way and gave up just past Laura's house. There was a bizarre scene being carried out there as six deerstalkers had forgathered to stalk and dispatch Laura's six cockerels (you just cannot tell what you are gonna get!). Apparently any game is fair game and it was quite surreal to see the camouflaged hunter stalking the oblivious bird. The School Snow Ball came and went for the girls although poor Toby decided to nurture his cold instead.

Monday, 6 December 2010


The snowy conditions continue with some close shaves for early folk crossing the tops near Auchindrain this morning. The children got a lift into school with John, I suspected that we were going to be very unpopular when the bus did not turn up and they were the only Inverarayites at school but they did turn up very late after fun and games on the way. So most exercise still on hold but I am going back to Boot Camp tonight...thsi could make me ache a lot after three weeks..(or more?) off.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

A lazy daisy of a Sunday

A slow wake up...well, it was nearly 8 O'clock when I heard Rosie downstairs which is pretty late for her. After I had whined for a while for a cup of tea it was time to get up and relight the Rayburn. Very cold temperatures again for a change and so the obvious thing to do was search out the skiing stuff and go hit the Claonairigh Slopes....Post ski the girls and I went for a swim at the Loc fyne Hotel and I just about froze my toes off and hair off being dragged outside to the not-so-hot spa..Brrrrrr! Minus 6 when we got home.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Bowing to the inevitable

Of course it was glaringly obvious from about Monday onwards that Sundays Jingle bells run for the jogscotland group would have to be postponed the little optimistic voice inside of me did not want to give in gracefully...perhaps the route would be the only place in the area to be devoid of snow and ice...maybe. Liz and I set off round it on Friday clad in walking boots and many layers to test it out. The snow was the major obstacle (see picture 1) until we hit the shore road when the sheet ice under foot became a little tricky to negotiate causing Liz to do a  small impromptu dance mid path. The snow was falling heavily again by the time we got back to the car and the main road was only slightly visible under a layer of slush, another two inches or so joined the 8 already down although a thaw late on has led to some lovely ice today. On Thursday the last of the Christmas present shopping was firmly bought into line in Oban, we saw these reflections on the way there at Loch Awe which was glassily clear.