Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Caught in the Act





EXHIBIT FOUR- THE SENTENCE...No appeal pending

PS Didn't really.....

Sunday, 26 April 2009

oopps forgot this one of the boys!!!!

More sponsoring...

Today was a walk along a misty Loch Fyne from Furnace to Inveraray with enthusiastic parents and teaching staff (well, the ones that we shamed, cajoaled and down right bullied anyway) striding along and gossiping. The girls and I maintained a steady position mid field so nothing too strenuous especially as I have a sore leg following the run yesterday. On occasion we were tempted to slow as the group behind were having a good laugh at something..the view maybe......It is lovely to get together as a group like that and the feast in the School was the best!! Nothing gets the old legs going quite so well as the promise of cake.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

I am soooo Slow!!!

I seem to have lost the plot after 5 intensive weeks of pre half marathon training and did an incredibly slow 10 miles today.....I am off to bed now in the full expectation of waking with lots of aches and pains......
PS plus I have got all the pictures in the wrong order!
1.Placing signs for tomorrows sponsored walk.
2.Me in the distance (best place for me)
3.The girls overtake
4.Patteran left for girls
5.The start.
6. Just before the rain.....
7. Me and ma pacer....

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Legs ache so it is Thursday.

A good slog last night at jogscotland mid Argyll as we tackled the 6 mile/10k course set for The Anthony Nolan run next Sunday. We shivered and shook waiting for the off as the day had turned really chilly but all that was soon forgotten as the first hill approached. With Garret off like a hare from more or less the off (there was an enquiry as to whether my training plan said slow or fast for this one? The reply seemed to make his mind up and he cruised off easily) leaving me with a guy tracking me for the first two miles and then he too effortlessly swung away from me and my tired legs.It is a lovely course with decent but not too steep hills (I can say this now!). The rest of the race was uneventful, up to a point. This point was near the end when my oxygen starved brain told the legs to do an extra (very short) bit and then cut off a longer bit. Garret kindly pointed out my error as I approached the finish so I ran back a-ways until June put me out of my misery by telling me that she thought I had made up the distance. She also scooped up the in-front-of-me guy who had gone more wrong than me.....It was great to see everyone finishing and smiling as they did it, cept me of course I was CROSS!!!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

jogscotland inveraray

Finally we got to the big night and headed off to the school to wait with trepidation for any takers. The first one hove into view at just before 7pm and we anxiously watched her approach the school whilst trying to guess if she was in running gear or not! Happily she was as were the other 10 or so folk that arrived to join us. There was a mixed range of abilities which makes things more interesting and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. The weather was great not too warm, no rain and no MIDGES!! We did an "out and back" run with the fastest off the blocks scooping up the rest on the way home. All survived and so watch this space for how many come back next week for more!! Garret and I collected the dogs when we got home, they were not happy to see running gear going off without them an hour earlier and did a training run which just about finished me off!!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder any readers of this must really like me!! Sorry the lack of entries but over Easter the vital choice between computering and sleep came down heavily on the sleep side! I am well caught up now so here are some snapshots of our Easter courtesy of Cousin Jess, a whiz with the camera. All more or less self explanatory. The simnel cake was Toby's creation and went down well, all in one meal in fact (well, there were between 9 and 11 of us most nights). I have included the other cake as an example of how horribly wrong things can go when one gets hysterical...this believe it or not is supposed to be a tribute to Snowy the dog of TinTin fame and gave me several of those marvellous moments when giggling progresses to full-blown hysteria and a truly happy bubble forms around your head. It was for Nigel's birthday which we celebrated in style with champagne and a meal at the George (rounded off with sad looking cake at home).

Monday, 13 April 2009

A selection of Easter piccies...

The paucity of recent entries can be blamed on the lack of available energy following days filled with fun, frolic and food with our two lovely nieces Jess and Ellie, and their equally lovely Dad, my brother Nigel. My mother was here too but cannot be held responsible for causing any extra work as she skivvied in the background washing up and folding sheets. They managed to pack in a huge amount of activities through horse riding, skiing, golfing and walking. We miss them now but are glad of an early night before heading off to Yorkshire tomorrow......

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Making of many cakes....

A serious business indeed. Cooking by Toby Pictures by Fiona

Swimfest update

This event took place on Friday/Saturday and was a 24hr attempt to raise lots of dosh for our local pool, it is in imminent danger of closing so a mammoth effort was required and achieved. It was great fun and we Corners held our own by swimming a total of very nearly 7k in our allotted 1/2hr. Fantasic, and then we got to eat cake.

PS I swam the furthest.........

Thursday, 2 April 2009

End of Term

A good pick me up last night at jogscotland after saying goodbye to Howard and Myrna that morning. Our lovely regular guests disappear off home to Ayr (they stay with us two nights a week in the winter months)in the Summer and are flying off to USA soon to see their daughter. Great company and so roll on next winter!! We had a lovely run to a high point overlooking Crinan Canal and beyond, well worth the stop for a breather and then on up some fiendish steps and into a fantastic hillside/wooded run. Lots of bounding up rocky bits and careering down rough slopes...good fun! To crown the evning we all got our certificates for the time trials that we have done over the last term and Yes, it is official I am the fastest woman in the group and have the paperwork (and flowers!!) to prove it. Not bad for an old bird... Garret was fastest man and so we felt a very speedy family by the end of the night. No pressure for next term then!!!