Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Absence makes the heart grow fonder any readers of this must really like me!! Sorry the lack of entries but over Easter the vital choice between computering and sleep came down heavily on the sleep side! I am well caught up now so here are some snapshots of our Easter courtesy of Cousin Jess, a whiz with the camera. All more or less self explanatory. The simnel cake was Toby's creation and went down well, all in one meal in fact (well, there were between 9 and 11 of us most nights). I have included the other cake as an example of how horribly wrong things can go when one gets hysterical...this believe it or not is supposed to be a tribute to Snowy the dog of TinTin fame and gave me several of those marvellous moments when giggling progresses to full-blown hysteria and a truly happy bubble forms around your head. It was for Nigel's birthday which we celebrated in style with champagne and a meal at the George (rounded off with sad looking cake at home).

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