Wednesday, 22 April 2009

jogscotland inveraray

Finally we got to the big night and headed off to the school to wait with trepidation for any takers. The first one hove into view at just before 7pm and we anxiously watched her approach the school whilst trying to guess if she was in running gear or not! Happily she was as were the other 10 or so folk that arrived to join us. There was a mixed range of abilities which makes things more interesting and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. The weather was great not too warm, no rain and no MIDGES!! We did an "out and back" run with the fastest off the blocks scooping up the rest on the way home. All survived and so watch this space for how many come back next week for more!! Garret and I collected the dogs when we got home, they were not happy to see running gear going off without them an hour earlier and did a training run which just about finished me off!!

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