Thursday, 2 April 2009

End of Term

A good pick me up last night at jogscotland after saying goodbye to Howard and Myrna that morning. Our lovely regular guests disappear off home to Ayr (they stay with us two nights a week in the winter months)in the Summer and are flying off to USA soon to see their daughter. Great company and so roll on next winter!! We had a lovely run to a high point overlooking Crinan Canal and beyond, well worth the stop for a breather and then on up some fiendish steps and into a fantastic hillside/wooded run. Lots of bounding up rocky bits and careering down rough slopes...good fun! To crown the evning we all got our certificates for the time trials that we have done over the last term and Yes, it is official I am the fastest woman in the group and have the paperwork (and flowers!!) to prove it. Not bad for an old bird... Garret was fastest man and so we felt a very speedy family by the end of the night. No pressure for next term then!!!

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