Thursday, 23 April 2009

Legs ache so it is Thursday.

A good slog last night at jogscotland mid Argyll as we tackled the 6 mile/10k course set for The Anthony Nolan run next Sunday. We shivered and shook waiting for the off as the day had turned really chilly but all that was soon forgotten as the first hill approached. With Garret off like a hare from more or less the off (there was an enquiry as to whether my training plan said slow or fast for this one? The reply seemed to make his mind up and he cruised off easily) leaving me with a guy tracking me for the first two miles and then he too effortlessly swung away from me and my tired legs.It is a lovely course with decent but not too steep hills (I can say this now!). The rest of the race was uneventful, up to a point. This point was near the end when my oxygen starved brain told the legs to do an extra (very short) bit and then cut off a longer bit. Garret kindly pointed out my error as I approached the finish so I ran back a-ways until June put me out of my misery by telling me that she thought I had made up the distance. She also scooped up the in-front-of-me guy who had gone more wrong than me.....It was great to see everyone finishing and smiling as they did it, cept me of course I was CROSS!!!

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