Sunday, 28 June 2009

Having never won a 10k before I win two in one day!!!

This was a local 10k organised by a friend in aid of the Community Hall at Achnamara and jolly tough it was too! The day has been warm but overcast and at times the breeze was so non existent that it felt (I imagine having never done this exactly) like running into an oven on pizza cooking mode. I set off fully feeling the four glasses of wine imbibed with Garret at The George last night when the run seemed, oh...hours away but was chased by a lady from Glasgow for the first 4.5 k up hill and down dale, actually scrap the down dale bit as there was not too much of that at all. Water stations were plentiful and provided a welcome opportunity to fling ice cold water over one's head and to feel it sizzle its way down your back before evaporating. At about 5k I lost my shadowing running pal at a water halt and was on my own from there on in. Despite the promise of "downhill from 7k onwards" I distinctly found three significant ups but hey was first lady home AND first old lady so, two medals in teh one day. And a spot prize of a gorgeous mug too. No wonder I am smiling!

Thursday, 25 June 2009


This view was definitely the pay off for a long heavy run last night. Taken on the phone down Loch Fyne and above Furnace at about 9.15pm. Oh, and some random foxgloves providing a jolly good excuse to stop and be appreciative.

A big Cup Cake for a Big Birthday

Monday, 22 June 2009

A reet good day.

Since pulling my adductor tendon last year I have taken great care with my creakily ageing body being cautious at the slightest twinge and reining in the training at any sign of a twinge. So, yesterday I spent 5 hours essentially doing continuous squats with my right leg whilst the left knee rested on the ground. Then I shovelled about ½ ton of sand back into a large square bag from the High School revered astra turf providing good entertainment for the many Dads standing around who all presumably had notes from their Drs to say they could not help. My osteopath will be delighted at being able to fund another child through private school as a result of my efforts. Despite arriving late at the annual Sports day for athletics club the request for help could not be ignored in their hour (nearer 5)of need. However all moaning aside it was a great day and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of it. In my opinion marking the jumpers in the long jump was THE most important job in the field (of course) the pressure was huge but the entertainment factor massive especially with the little ones. The pressure came with the U17 boys who demanded proof of the slightest slip (fingers down behind) . Luckily the crowds had gathered and I had corroboration from all around. The crowning moment came when Toby and Eric battled it out on the long jump for overall first place in the u15s. Toby had three firsts and a second, Eric four firsts. If Eric won he would win the category, if Toby won they would draw. Here comes the commentary..cue the hushed tomes aka the Olympics if you can and enjoy.
The first jump was good, not over long but good and Eric beat it. The second jump was no jump as the toe was over the line...Eric starts to celebrate...the third jump yes...beat Eric’s best at 4m17. Here comes Eric making a good run for it, he is up, he’s looking good, I bend to measure, the voice in my head “no pressure” and yes! Clearly 4m12..Corroboration from the other judge and a relieved Toby. So what is a sore muscle or two compared to such joy and pleasure. A great, friendly competition.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Flying high on Friday

Friday started normally enough as Fridays often do with the children chivvied off to school slightly happier than usual with the weekend looming and then into puzzling over who ordered which breakfast and how many don't want sausages etc etc. I ignored the ringing phone as is my wont as it would be 1. the quarry 2. the woollen Mill 3. someone silly cold calling. In all three of these scenarios it is by far preferable if Garret picks up the call. Once breakfasts were on the table I delivered the usual cuppa to Mr C. lying in state upstairs to find that after all the call was for me. The offer of a trip out in Howard and Mynra's plane if I could get myself to Oban. Hmm difficult choice, doing the rooms and then running 7-8 miles with Liz or going flying on a gorgeous day. An hour later I was on my way to Oban with cold box in the boot so I could shop before hand. With typical Fee like behaviour I started my worrying when approaching the airport, no, not about the flight but about where to park, where to meet H and M and what if I could not find them.....worry worry worry...However as I drew into the neat and small car park there they were leaning on the railings outside a toy sized modern terminal building. It was so lovely to see them and they gave me the treat of a lifetime and a memory to treasure for ever. that sounds such as easy thing to say but it was a sliver of time that will always remain special. We flew from Oban over Loch Awe and onto Inveraray, in miniature Dun Na Cuiche does not look so high as it does from sea level! Over Inveraray we went and then over our house (I spotted a few new tracks for running.....) and then down Loch Fyne to Lochgilphead. The return journey up the coast was magical, and I was resistant to an offer to take the controls in case I missed something! Man may have done some terrible things to the landscape but the wee sails in all colours racing along below and the wind farms lazily turning on the hillside were all part of the day's tremendous beauty. Down again safely we headed to Benderloch to round off a perfect day with a perfect coffee and a perfect scone. By the time I got home Garret had taken off on an offer to go riding and so it was back into family life and teatime. I tried to sneak out for a quick run, just 5 flattish miles or so but got caught by Garret returning so the five flattish turned into 7 challenging.....Only problem now is which photos to publish out of so many perfect ones. If you can bear to look at more the full album is on facebook.
In the usual way i have managed to upload the pictures all in the wrong order and my tummy is grumbling for it's lunch now so no re jogging today.
1. Coast going North to Oban
2. Our House with Loch Fyne in the background
3. Our House
4. Inveraray
5. Loch awe
6. Coming in to land
7. plane and passengers
8. Howard and Myrna
9. Parking the plane without the benefit of parking sensors.

Just the then bit....Wednesday June 10th

The “Then” blog. For details see entry for March 7th 2009. In brief the restoration of Claonairigh House.
Wednesday June 10th
Today Garret and Peter bought some beautiful oak doors, superb quality from an auction at Dewsbury. They also bought some light oak doors and some that were sprayed white, also oak. Another purchase was s red sink and drainer ready to be inset into some tiles for the mill.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Just the"then" bit

The “Then” blog. For details see entry for March 7th 2009. In brief the restoration of Claonairigh House.
Monday June 8th 1992
G and P bought some lovely gold taps and shower set yesterday to add to the enormous stock of stuff collected from car boots, auctions etc over the last year. The following is an attempt to compile a list of the above:- Generator 110/240v (diesel), wash basin stand, assorted tiles including grey/white for kitchen, and yellowy tiels for the mill kiychens (mainly acquired from a scrap yard following a Discovery crashing full of tiles),a cooker oven (surplus to requirements after a re wire), and hod ditto, very greasy but will clean up. A multitude of aluminium tower scaffolding (auction in Selby), two Sthil chain saws 22” blades (Car boots) and a Sthil quick cut saw. Two pine kitchen units (retrieved from Skips in Leeds), one beautiful pine kitchen cupboard (auction), ventaxia extractor fan and control unit (car boot sale). Wood preservative, massive amounts, wood dyes, wood filler, putty, trowelling mastic, copper pipe, lead rolls for flashing (about one ton of!)screws, various sizes 1/2"-4", brass screws,brick laying trowels, float, browning floats, mobile chicken wire dispenser, wire netting (various sizes, some plastic coated) dishwasher powder, brillo pads, and scrubber and six pairs of waterproof leggings and tops. All from the auction of an old family firm in Goole. Beautiful dark wood chair (Sylvia), a printer's box and blocks from the car boot sale. brass door hinges, fifteen pairs of, nails (various sizes), galvanised nails, clout nails, liqueur glasses (12), one set of antlers, electrical cable, electrical sockets, switches etc, light fittings,steel toe capped wellington boots, picks,shovels, spades, spits, chisels, lathe chisels, hammers, block and tackle, pullies, one ton chain lift,lifting eyes, lifting chains, shackler etc (all lifting equipment from an auction in Wakefield- otherwise car boot sales). Copper and brass fittings eyes. Scaffold boards, conduit bending machine, more shovels and brushes (auction in Rothwell bought at the same times as Sam Chadwick Ltd edition prints x4...he died the following week....).Pots and pans (including one large jam pan). tubs of grease, a minature anchor, rope etc, etc, etc......

Saturday, 6 June 2009

I don't like the sound of all those lists he's making - it's like taking too many notes at school; you feel you've achieved something when you haven't

In a life governed by lists (shopping,obviously things to do today, things to do tomorrow, things that can be put off but not forgotten,lists for me, lists for Garret (they are nearly always ignored and hang around for years getting dusty), for the kids. I would even do them for the dogs if they could read. At Christmas the list mania goes into overdrive in a serious and some say, troubling way) it is inevitable that I should discover on-line training programmes that so neatly "list" a running schedule which I can, so satisfyingly tick off at the end of each run and anally jot down times, distances and weekly total (yes I really do) on my iphone. I love my iphone! Sadly the "mapmyrun" application stubbornly refuses to work on my machine so I have to manually enter the runs which accounts for the wobbly lines. Today was 3-4 miler,I did 4, not necessarily following the "fast and steady" instructions as advised but hey ho.Liz and I did a very pleasant 6 or so on Friday but no way could I map it even using the satellite map as it winds round and about the trees and wanders around Minard generally. We have had a very good week guest wise with some really nice people staying including some staying all week this week. We get nothing but the best here!

Title is a quote by Dodie Smith from "I capture the Castle"