Saturday, 13 June 2009

Flying high on Friday

Friday started normally enough as Fridays often do with the children chivvied off to school slightly happier than usual with the weekend looming and then into puzzling over who ordered which breakfast and how many don't want sausages etc etc. I ignored the ringing phone as is my wont as it would be 1. the quarry 2. the woollen Mill 3. someone silly cold calling. In all three of these scenarios it is by far preferable if Garret picks up the call. Once breakfasts were on the table I delivered the usual cuppa to Mr C. lying in state upstairs to find that after all the call was for me. The offer of a trip out in Howard and Mynra's plane if I could get myself to Oban. Hmm difficult choice, doing the rooms and then running 7-8 miles with Liz or going flying on a gorgeous day. An hour later I was on my way to Oban with cold box in the boot so I could shop before hand. With typical Fee like behaviour I started my worrying when approaching the airport, no, not about the flight but about where to park, where to meet H and M and what if I could not find them.....worry worry worry...However as I drew into the neat and small car park there they were leaning on the railings outside a toy sized modern terminal building. It was so lovely to see them and they gave me the treat of a lifetime and a memory to treasure for ever. that sounds such as easy thing to say but it was a sliver of time that will always remain special. We flew from Oban over Loch Awe and onto Inveraray, in miniature Dun Na Cuiche does not look so high as it does from sea level! Over Inveraray we went and then over our house (I spotted a few new tracks for running.....) and then down Loch Fyne to Lochgilphead. The return journey up the coast was magical, and I was resistant to an offer to take the controls in case I missed something! Man may have done some terrible things to the landscape but the wee sails in all colours racing along below and the wind farms lazily turning on the hillside were all part of the day's tremendous beauty. Down again safely we headed to Benderloch to round off a perfect day with a perfect coffee and a perfect scone. By the time I got home Garret had taken off on an offer to go riding and so it was back into family life and teatime. I tried to sneak out for a quick run, just 5 flattish miles or so but got caught by Garret returning so the five flattish turned into 7 challenging.....Only problem now is which photos to publish out of so many perfect ones. If you can bear to look at more the full album is on facebook.
In the usual way i have managed to upload the pictures all in the wrong order and my tummy is grumbling for it's lunch now so no re jogging today.
1. Coast going North to Oban
2. Our House with Loch Fyne in the background
3. Our House
4. Inveraray
5. Loch awe
6. Coming in to land
7. plane and passengers
8. Howard and Myrna
9. Parking the plane without the benefit of parking sensors.

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