Saturday, 6 June 2009

I don't like the sound of all those lists he's making - it's like taking too many notes at school; you feel you've achieved something when you haven't

In a life governed by lists (shopping,obviously things to do today, things to do tomorrow, things that can be put off but not forgotten,lists for me, lists for Garret (they are nearly always ignored and hang around for years getting dusty), for the kids. I would even do them for the dogs if they could read. At Christmas the list mania goes into overdrive in a serious and some say, troubling way) it is inevitable that I should discover on-line training programmes that so neatly "list" a running schedule which I can, so satisfyingly tick off at the end of each run and anally jot down times, distances and weekly total (yes I really do) on my iphone. I love my iphone! Sadly the "mapmyrun" application stubbornly refuses to work on my machine so I have to manually enter the runs which accounts for the wobbly lines. Today was 3-4 miler,I did 4, not necessarily following the "fast and steady" instructions as advised but hey ho.Liz and I did a very pleasant 6 or so on Friday but no way could I map it even using the satellite map as it winds round and about the trees and wanders around Minard generally. We have had a very good week guest wise with some really nice people staying including some staying all week this week. We get nothing but the best here!

Title is a quote by Dodie Smith from "I capture the Castle"

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