Monday, 8 June 2009

Just the"then" bit

The “Then” blog. For details see entry for March 7th 2009. In brief the restoration of Claonairigh House.
Monday June 8th 1992
G and P bought some lovely gold taps and shower set yesterday to add to the enormous stock of stuff collected from car boots, auctions etc over the last year. The following is an attempt to compile a list of the above:- Generator 110/240v (diesel), wash basin stand, assorted tiles including grey/white for kitchen, and yellowy tiels for the mill kiychens (mainly acquired from a scrap yard following a Discovery crashing full of tiles),a cooker oven (surplus to requirements after a re wire), and hod ditto, very greasy but will clean up. A multitude of aluminium tower scaffolding (auction in Selby), two Sthil chain saws 22” blades (Car boots) and a Sthil quick cut saw. Two pine kitchen units (retrieved from Skips in Leeds), one beautiful pine kitchen cupboard (auction), ventaxia extractor fan and control unit (car boot sale). Wood preservative, massive amounts, wood dyes, wood filler, putty, trowelling mastic, copper pipe, lead rolls for flashing (about one ton of!)screws, various sizes 1/2"-4", brass screws,brick laying trowels, float, browning floats, mobile chicken wire dispenser, wire netting (various sizes, some plastic coated) dishwasher powder, brillo pads, and scrubber and six pairs of waterproof leggings and tops. All from the auction of an old family firm in Goole. Beautiful dark wood chair (Sylvia), a printer's box and blocks from the car boot sale. brass door hinges, fifteen pairs of, nails (various sizes), galvanised nails, clout nails, liqueur glasses (12), one set of antlers, electrical cable, electrical sockets, switches etc, light fittings,steel toe capped wellington boots, picks,shovels, spades, spits, chisels, lathe chisels, hammers, block and tackle, pullies, one ton chain lift,lifting eyes, lifting chains, shackler etc (all lifting equipment from an auction in Wakefield- otherwise car boot sales). Copper and brass fittings eyes. Scaffold boards, conduit bending machine, more shovels and brushes (auction in Rothwell bought at the same times as Sam Chadwick Ltd edition prints x4...he died the following week....).Pots and pans (including one large jam pan). tubs of grease, a minature anchor, rope etc, etc, etc......

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