Sunday, 28 June 2009

Having never won a 10k before I win two in one day!!!

This was a local 10k organised by a friend in aid of the Community Hall at Achnamara and jolly tough it was too! The day has been warm but overcast and at times the breeze was so non existent that it felt (I imagine having never done this exactly) like running into an oven on pizza cooking mode. I set off fully feeling the four glasses of wine imbibed with Garret at The George last night when the run seemed, oh...hours away but was chased by a lady from Glasgow for the first 4.5 k up hill and down dale, actually scrap the down dale bit as there was not too much of that at all. Water stations were plentiful and provided a welcome opportunity to fling ice cold water over one's head and to feel it sizzle its way down your back before evaporating. At about 5k I lost my shadowing running pal at a water halt and was on my own from there on in. Despite the promise of "downhill from 7k onwards" I distinctly found three significant ups but hey was first lady home AND first old lady so, two medals in teh one day. And a spot prize of a gorgeous mug too. No wonder I am smiling!

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