Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Last Day of Term.....

A very happy Smiley Freya with her two trophies, one for Sports and the other for Creative Writing...pretty much sums her up really. The other photos are Toby chilling out at Lindsay's in the afternoon after the traumas of rising before 11 to attend the Primary school Assembly.

The “Then” blog. For details see entry for March 7th 2009. In brief the restoration of Claonairigh House.
Tuesday June 30th 1992
Milarrochy Bay.
Drizzling and cloudy, clearer in the evening.
Contacted solicitor and architect today. Architect has contact with a previous owner of Claonairigh whose sister happens to be a historian who is kindly putting some notes together on the history of the house. He also took his wife and children to see the house when passing this morning. Wide was impressed. They are really giving very good support with their enthusiasm.

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