Friday, 27 August 2010

Musings on bottoms amongst other things

Just how long do you need to know someone before you feel comfortable to discuss your bottom with them? This is a question I am sure many people have asked being a sensitive area to chat freely about, not many of us would not suffer a quick nervous pang if having to, for example visit the Dr with a bottom related complaint. But not for us sporty types..oh no straight after breakfast this morning I was swapping sore bottom stories with a guest staying the one night and so with whom I can only really claim a passing acquaintance. But here is the key...and it is a crucial one to unlocking the bottom conversation lack of embarrassment factor...he rides a bike too!! Simple as that, and was full of useful advice and sympathy. This very recent conversation was uppermost in my mind for some reason when I unexpectedly (lack of concentration due to chatting to Liz, no, not about bottoms this time) hit a pot hole on the triathlon route this afternoon..suffice to say I shall be taking up some of his more useful tips. The training continues on despite being stalled partly by missing yesterday due to the Oban Games (don't think that the 40 yard dash really counted). Liz and I managed the cycle and run today in quite warm blustery condition...fighting against the wind in one direction and running in an airless vacuum the other. Swimming tonight whilst Freya and Toby are karate-ing and that will be the day done and dusted!Only a 40 minute cycle and 10 minute run tomorrow. Can feel my bones groaning already.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Out and about with fellow joggers again

Wednesday sessions are up and running (spot what I did there with that clever pun??) again. The three boot camp refugees Davy, Liz and me all aching in the same places (arms and upper body generally feeling as though in an iron straight jacket), Bill and a new girl Carol along the canal for a warm up and then a fearsome 2 mile trial (14.10) with me eating Carols dirt but the girl power (apologies for that phrase loathsome of me)....ummmm feminine force? "leg"endary ladies...anyway the girls won through for once and I managed it in 14.10. It was a lovely night and the run was along the Crinan canal, which once we got our breath back to chat was very nice. the evening is a typical pre autumn one with clear skies and a wee nip of cold. perfect for running. Garret has done his 22 miler today which he endured manfully but in no way enjoyed...roll on October 3rd!

Officially old

So, the start of another term and the endish of another B and B season. The flow of guests has hotted up over the last week or so with us fully booked until the 30th and then NOTHING!! for a couple of days anyway and then the usual September laid back guests drifting around. Freya has taken her next big adventure in her stride hiding nerves under a thin veneer of lip gloss and beautifully applied mascara...whereas I just crumpled watching at the window with sausages in one hand and hanky in the other the three of them heading off to the bus. How did I get to be old enough to have such big kids and to make matters worse my MARRIED nephew is coming at the weekend...married!!! No one had better even consider making me a Great Aunt just yet or I will have a good big foot stomping tantrum....imagine having a sister who is a Grandma?! Not that she is yet but the way the wedding rings are flashing in her family it might not be long...Training continues apace for the triathlon for me and the marathon for Garret, we could safely say that he is not enjoying the training having never been one to enjoy the shackles of a routine of any kind. The 22 miler today will be his high point and he is soooo looking forward to it. Had a trip to Glasgow on Monday for a unique experience at the garage when a standard £150 service turned into a head reeling £1,400 plus bill which amazingly got reduced to £900.17 after I crashed to the floor in disbelief and a conversation with him in doors. Forget university all you A level and Highers folks scrabbling for places...Mechanic, that is the way forward. In fact I may retrain myself, bit dirty though for me, oh and cold. All those draughty garages, but still £900!! and 17p...... Ah well, rooms to do and guests to chat to, (talking of which we have had some ace ones recently, you know who you are and thanks for the pleasure of your company) must be off.

Sunday, 15 August 2010


No time, no time...normal service will be resumed when the summer holidays end.....