Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Officially old

So, the start of another term and the endish of another B and B season. The flow of guests has hotted up over the last week or so with us fully booked until the 30th and then NOTHING!! for a couple of days anyway and then the usual September laid back guests drifting around. Freya has taken her next big adventure in her stride hiding nerves under a thin veneer of lip gloss and beautifully applied mascara...whereas I just crumpled watching at the window with sausages in one hand and hanky in the other the three of them heading off to the bus. How did I get to be old enough to have such big kids and to make matters worse my MARRIED nephew is coming at the weekend...married!!! No one had better even consider making me a Great Aunt just yet or I will have a good big foot stomping tantrum....imagine having a sister who is a Grandma?! Not that she is yet but the way the wedding rings are flashing in her family it might not be long...Training continues apace for the triathlon for me and the marathon for Garret, we could safely say that he is not enjoying the training having never been one to enjoy the shackles of a routine of any kind. The 22 miler today will be his high point and he is soooo looking forward to it. Had a trip to Glasgow on Monday for a unique experience at the garage when a standard £150 service turned into a head reeling £1,400 plus bill which amazingly got reduced to £900.17 after I crashed to the floor in disbelief and a conversation with him in doors. Forget university all you A level and Highers folks scrabbling for places...Mechanic, that is the way forward. In fact I may retrain myself, bit dirty though for me, oh and cold. All those draughty garages, but still £900!! and 17p...... Ah well, rooms to do and guests to chat to, (talking of which we have had some ace ones recently, you know who you are and thanks for the pleasure of your company) must be off.

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