Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Out and about with fellow joggers again

Wednesday sessions are up and running (spot what I did there with that clever pun??) again. The three boot camp refugees Davy, Liz and me all aching in the same places (arms and upper body generally feeling as though in an iron straight jacket), Bill and a new girl Carol along the canal for a warm up and then a fearsome 2 mile trial (14.10) with me eating Carols dirt but the girl power (apologies for that phrase loathsome of me)....ummmm feminine force? "leg"endary ladies...anyway the girls won through for once and I managed it in 14.10. It was a lovely night and the run was along the Crinan canal, which once we got our breath back to chat was very nice. the evening is a typical pre autumn one with clear skies and a wee nip of cold. perfect for running. Garret has done his 22 miler today which he endured manfully but in no way enjoyed...roll on October 3rd!

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